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Hey Newgrounds, miss you

Posted by MrChambers - March 6th, 2016

Hey Newgrounds and Newgrounds people! Ive missed you all! Like alot,... god I miss posting here.

I always thought Id be posting here regularly. Like "Id be different from all the rest", I was wrong, and very stupid.

Ever since NATA 2014, Ive been trying super hard to get my life together and turn this animation thing into a career.   Ive wanted nothing to do but improve and actually become a good animator. I look to my friends like Catfat and Stejkrobot and It just blows me away how talented they are. All I want is to just one day be as good as my peers, but thats been very hard to do. Right now im taking god awful general education courses at a community college, and its been eating up all my time like a tape-worm that absorbs all the food you eat and leaves you with no sustenance. On top of that, Ive been doing commission work for companies like the Game Grumps and Lore (currently working on a second animation for the Game Grumps channel). I love working for these types of people because it's fun, but the down side is that I cant post my own content. And believe me, theres a lot I want to post.

Once I finally unshackle myself from school and finish up the commission work I need to get by Im gonna get back to my own stuff, and I cant wait to do so becuase I have a lot of stuff Id like to do! My style and writing has changed a lot since I last did anything, which is good! Because all my old animations are absolutely terrible and are nothing more than an embarassment.

It just sucks because when people get linked to my work, im just so embarassed, but i guess thats what happens when you spend more time working on other things.

Anyways, thanks for reading my bullshit and I hope I can get back into uploading very soon. It really bums me out that I havent been super active here.

Oh yea, and Ill be at Pico Day, so see you there if your going!

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dude your art is fucking awesome and is a breathe of fresh air to me. I'm glad you can get this exposure with these other channels and I hope you can turn this into a career. I hope you can flood those ideas out like a burrito breaking open. Honestly one of the few artists that actually have creativity on paper. I wanna write more but I'm just gonna end this with

Keep it up!!
Proud of Ya!

Thanks a bunch man, and these conversations really help with the Burrito breaking progress :D

Mobilespider is wise listen to him. I think you're being hard on yourself. You're doing just fine. The road is always rough. Probably rougher in the line of work you chose but hey you stuck with it and youre doing great. You are a talented guy and an ever nicer human being. Hang in there boo

Thanks Luis! I will bring you and nice bottle of whisky on Pico day, that way if I cry on your shoulder I wont feel to guilty

Don't sweat it dude

I've been in this exact same boat for years.

You might not be making your own content, but you're still sharpening your skills, making connections, and learning new things.

I was done with college years ago yet I'm STILL struggling to make my own content AND trying to make a living. I haven't even figured it out yet.

Just take it one step at a time. Our profession doesn't have the quickest or best payoff.

Good luck!


Thanks Ed, glad to know a talented guy like yourself goes through the same stuff.

that balance is a hard one, but eventually you'll find it.

as far as not being where you want to be, a few weeks ago i had a very similar conversation with a friend about the work we were making a few years ago and how we knew even at the time that it wasn't really good. how we were embarrassed to show other people our work. he brought up this great quote by ira glass about a gap between taste and skill, really in line with what i was trying to say with 'your art is shit.' here's that quote: https://vimeo.com/85040589

like everyone else has said, you are probably being overly hard on yourself, but that's not totally a bad thing. shows that you know where you want to be. and despite any trouble you're having, you seem like you're in good standing to get there. see you at pico

Thanks Dylan, that video was very helpful and well said. I now understand what you meant in the "you art is shit" video. Your awesome, and im super hyped to chill with you at Pico <3

Yeah, sure can be sad doing work-for-hire, and yeah your old stuff might be a bit tatty, but both are proof that you're in it, and getting better (and better connected) all the time. That's a big deal dude, congrats!

Hope to see you at the party, I'll be an old short guy trying not to look out of place.... hey wait, have we met at any of the previous Pico days!? All you kids look alike lol, but it's your work that sets y'all apart!

Lol thanks dude, and yea we met! I remember you being super fun to t
All to, looking forward to chatting more!

Hey man, your art is great. I could say more, but others have already said it. Keep on keeping on. You help inspire me getting back into art and whatnot.

I hope to meet you at Pico Day!